MCS Deal

Instant Edgecam Deal for Ferrari Part-Maker

Immediately after seeing a demonstration of the leading CNC machining software Edgecam, at the MACH exhibition, a company dedicated to making Ferrari parts decided they needed it, and finalised the deal straight away.
Paul Hill, Managing Director of Hill Engineering Ferrari Parts, took a USB key containing a design for part of a Ferrari clutch housing, on to the Edgecam stand at MACH. Edgecam engineer Lee Richards then carried out a demonstration showing how the software would produce the best toolpaths for manufacturing the part, and Edgecam’s Phil Gill finalised the deal. 

“Hill Engineering is a brand new customer. They knew exactly what they wanted CAM software to do for them, and when we demonstrated that Edgecam was perfect for their needs they didn’t hesitate.”


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Acerca de Vero

Vero es un desarrollador líder de productos de software para las industrias de la madera, piedra, y del metal. Como el mayor proveedor de software CAM a nivel mundial, el grupo de marcas de Vero incluye una gama de productos para estas industrias.

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