Edgecam Version 8.75 - May 2004

Scheduled security key updates via the Internet
Ensures that customers are using the most up-to-date key files.

Interactive web-based support
Allows the customer to enter a Webex sessions that can be used to demonstrate Edgecam or allow the customer to show an issue he has in the software.

Helical arc output in Code Wizard templates
Milling and adaptive turning templates now support the output of helical arcs generated in the Roughing cycle.

Enhanced Create Stock/Fixture command 
Automatically places the geometry onto a Stock or Fixture layer and offers options for setting colour and style. In addition, the modifiers are now modal.

Spindle docking status in Time Line
Improved ease of use through additional display options.

File Preview
Thumbnail images of parts can now be viewed when using the Insert Part and Insert Component commands. In addition, the file preview capability in the File Open dialog has been expanded to include SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor part files.

Acerca de Vero

Vero es un desarrollador líder de productos de software para las industrias de la madera, piedra, y del metal. Como el mayor proveedor de software CAM a nivel mundial, el grupo de marcas de Vero incluye una gama de productos para estas industrias.

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